I am Chase.

I design delightful UX/UI to solver user problems.

👋 Hey, welcome to my digital playground and design portfolio. Currently, I am a product designer at Chowbus, a food delivery startup that aims to bring authentic asian food to asian food lovers and support independent mom-and-pop restaurants. As a designer at Chowbus, I not only lead the UX/UI of design projects, but also work closely with PMs to define product requirements.

I consider myself a generalist product designer. I enjoy leading end-to-end design process from initial UX research to the polished UI design. From day to day, 8-pixel design system and auto-layout are my best friends.

Prior to Chowbus, I got my MBA (Strategy) and another Masters in Information (HCI & DS) at the University of Michigan. Before becoming a product designer, I worked in business strategy and data analytics. My business sense and analytic skills make me unique as a designer.

Here are a few things I want you to know about me...

I am a 
CURIOUS  person.

I have a tattoo that says ‘odyssée’, which encourages me to venture out and explore the world. I have studied and lived in 5 counties and traveled to 30+. Those different life experiences can better help me empathize with people and see things from a different angle.


I like to reflect myself and seek improvement. I love learning new skills and knowledge. I enjoy reading and taking courses to learn everything about design. I also like connecting with other designers and read online blog posts to learn about the most popular design trends and techniques.

I enjoy  CHALLENGES  .

I like sports that are challenging, for example, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving. This spirit can be translated to how I work, because I like to keep pushing my envelope to achieve more.